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The Prisoner


An ethereal, haunting short film starring Shawn that was written and directed by Samuel Edward. It should be released to festivals sometime this fall, so come back for updates soon!

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Shawn had the pleasure of working on Roller Champions, doing motion capture for a bunch of characters. It felt good to get back into a pair of skates, something he hadn't done in years. This great new multiplayer game from Ubisoft is out now!

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Shawn is thrilled to return as Lion in Ubisoft's upcoming co-op shooter Rainbow Six: Extraction.

Watch the cinematic reveal trailer here.

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Shawn is excited to announce that he is part of the cast of Ubisoft's much-anticipated Far Cry 6.

Working on the game was a really rewarding challenge and he's looking forward to fans discovering his character, Dr. Matias Alonso.

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Shawn was born and raised in Montreal and has been acting in his beloved city for almost 25 years now.

He’s a veteran of stage, television, film, commercials, voice, and dubbing, as well as stunt fighting and fight choreography. Shawn also enjoys independent film and web projects, and made his own passion project fan-film called The Punisher: No Mercy in 2013. He also joined the cast and took over fight choreography duties for Season 2 of the popular web-series LARPs.
Despite his love for all of these things, Shawn’s main focus has been on motion capture and voice work for video games for the last 15 years or so. He’s had the chance to work for  UbisoftEidos, Red Barrels, and Warner Brothers (to name a few) and has played Machiavelli in Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Miles Upshur in  Outlast and Blake Langermann in Outlast 2, Lion in Rainbow Six: Siege and Rainbow Six: Extraction, and most famously Wrench in WatchDogs 2, Watchdogs: Legion and the Bloodline DLC. Most recently he was in Far Cry 6 as Matias, the rebel doctor. 

 For a more comprehensive list of Shawn’s credits, check out his IMDb page.

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Shawn is now available on CAMEO
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